KM keeps an extensive inventory of aluminum truss in various sizes ready for the biggest or smallest event. We also offer a pre-rigged truss system for those looking to save time during load-in. 

The KM team includes master riggers capable of rigging our own products and custom design elements. We understand that not all venues are the same and each requires a different approach to rigging. Our team strives to create safe and aesthetically pleasing solutions that allow the design elements to make a maximum impact.


Aluminum Truss

KM has an extensive inventory of 12" and 20.5" aluminum truss available in a large variety of lengths. Our truss can be flown, fashioned into goal post structures or free standing towers.  Our inventory is available in raw silver and powder coated black. 


Tyler Pre Rig HUD truss

Save installation time on site by using KM’s inventory of Tyler Pre Rig HUD truss. Pre hung truss allows our team to build any show in our warehouse, wire and quality test it all in advance of it arriving on site. Truss size is 24” W x 14” H and is available in lengths of 5’, 8’ and 10’. All Tyler Pre Rig HUD truss is powdered black. 


CURVED truss

KM has a selection of curved truss in our inventory that can be put together to create a number of interesting truss designs. Different shapes allow the lighting and sound to be distributed in creative ways that add dynamic layers to any show.


Tent Rigging Solutions

KM keeps it clean and simple without sacrificing impact when it comes to equipping tents. Our tent rigging solutions allows our team to hang equipment at the highest trim point in almost any location inside the tent. Our system gives us the ability to install along the complete length of a Losberger tent and keeps the production footprint as small as possible. 


RIGGING CUSTOM design elements

KM can rig your custom design in the most discreet and safe way possible. Our team is capable of rigging crystal chandeliers, custom chandeliers, hanging gardens, trellises, scenic elements, props and more.



Acrobatic performances add flair to any event. We make sure to build safe structures specifically to the performers' specs. Our team can also install structures brought by aerialists, contortioists and other performers. 


Truss socking

KM can put the final touch on our truss by socking it in custom fabric. Our team includes qualified drapers who will make sure the production elements are as minimally noticable as possible. Multiple fabric selections and colors available upon request.