KM Productions offers a diverse selection of lighting fixtures from internationally recognized brands. Our extensive inventory is perfect for any concert, festival, wedding, private celebration or corporate event. Not only does KM provide top of the line equipment, our team can design any show in-house. Our lighting designers can work directly with our clients or their artists to create a dynamic show that will fully immerse the audience in the event. Additionally, KM has developed partnerships with some of the most well-known lighting designers around. Our team is happy to collaborate with one of our design partners or the lighting designer of our client's choice. KM also specializes in environmental and landscape lighting.


Moving lights

Moving lights create an undeniable sense of energy and excitement at any event, regardless if they are used at a concert or on the dance floor. KM Productions keeps an extensive inventory of moving light fixtures to ensure we create the right look for any event or live show. We offer the latest products from brands such as, Martin, Robe, Chauvet and many more. 


LED technology

The color and intensity LED lights provide is unmatched. We keep the newest in LED technologies fully stocked in our inventory, including LED pars, LED lekos, LED moving fixtures, CYC bars, up lights and more. LED lights also offer low energy consumption solutions.


conventional equipment

We understand that not everyone wants LED lighting. Some of our clients prefer a warm natural light. KM offers conventional lekos, pars, pinspots and other light fixtures, along with 12, 24 and 48 channel dimmer racks.



Bistro, or string, lights are beautifully simple and effective in creating a relaxed, yet elevated ambiance for any occasion. Bistro lights are great for backyard gatherings, ceremonies, receptions and after parties. They can be used outdoors or inside tents. We offer a variety of bulb sizes and styles, ranging from the traditional round French bistro bulb to vinatge looking edison bulbs.


Lighting Consoles

No matter what the client or designer needs, we are able to accommodate. We offer a full range of GrandMA, Hog, Chamsys and ETC. 


KM can illuminate the view in any terrain. Our high-intensity outdoor lighting fixtures can reach across long distances to highlight the surrounding natural landscape to create a dynamic nighttime scene. We also light outdoor events or entrances and help turn the existing environment into part of the event decor.